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On this page you will find all the information to complete your enrollment to the 2019 congress
Enrollment form, downloads, value table, payment methods.
25th Annual Congress of BSAD

From 13 to 16 November, 2019
Windsor Barra – Hotel – Rio de Janeiro
Lucio Costa Avenue, 2630 – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil.

1 – Fill in your data

2 - Payment Data

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Mark the method of payment of your preference
Cashin installments

Important: Important: Select the method of payment according to the informed category.
Amounts related to the congress fee in the period of November and December 2018 (After the Congress)

How would you like to pay?
Bank slipsBank depositBank checkCredit card

Bank slips – Payable in any Bank held up to maturity
Bank Deposit - Conta da SBOE - BSAD Account - Banco do Brasil - Ag. 3519-x - c/c 14467-3
Bank Check - Send it by mail. It must be crossed and made payable to BSAD.
Credit Card - In the case of it is your option, inform the data of the card in the next fields.

You can also choose to download the application form, print and send us!

Use the buttons to view and download the registration form and the 2019 congress program.


*Values in Reais – BR

BSAD Associate

Enrollment Cash Fee Credit Card or Bank Check Bank Slip
November, 2018 1.899,00 1.999,00 14x 142,79 08x 249,88
November e December, 2018 1.999,00 2.099,00 10x 209,90 07x 299,86
January to March, 2019 2.199,00 2.299,00 08x 287,38 05x 459,80
April to July, 2019 2.199,00 2.299,00 05x 459,80 03x 766,33
August and September, 2019. 2.199,00 2.299,00 04x 574,75 02x 1.149,50
October and November, 2019 2.199,00 2.299,00 02x 1.149.50 01x 2.299,00

Not Associate

Enrollment Cash Fee Credit Card or Bank Check Bank Slip
November, 2018 3.500,00 3.600,00 14x 257,15 08x 450,00
November and December, 2018 3.700,00 3.800,00 10x 380,00 07x 542,86
January to March , 2019 3.800,00 3.900,00 08x 487,50 05x 780,00
April to July, 2019 3.800,00 3.900,00 05x 780,00 03x 1.300,00
August and September, 2019 3.800,00 3.900,00 04x 975,00 02x 1.950,00
October and November, 2019 3.800,00 3.900,00 02x 1.950,00 01x 3.900,00

Postgraduate and
TPD Students

Enrollment Cash Fee Credit Card or Bank Check Bank Slip
November, 2018 2.700,00 2.800,00 14x 200,00 08x 350,00
November and December, 2018 2.800,00 2.900,00 10x 290,00 07x 414,29
January to March , 2019 2.900,00 3.000,00 08x 375,00 05x 600,00
April to July, 2019 2.900,00 3.000,00 05x 600,00 03x 1.000,00
August and September, 2019. 2.900,00 3.000,00 04x 750,00 02x 1.500,00
October and November, 2019 2.900,00 3.000,00 02x 1.500,00 01x 3.000,00


Enrollment Cash Fee Credit Card or Bank Check Bank Slip
November, 2018 1.700,00 1.800,00 14x 128,58 08x 225,00
November and December, 2018 1.800,00 1.900,00 10x 190,00 07x 271.43
January to March , 2019 1.900,00 2.000,00 08x 250,00 05x 400,00
April to July, 2019 1.900,00 2.000,00 05x 400,00 03x 666,67
August and September, 2019 1.900,00 2.000,00 04x 500,00 02x 1.000,00
October and November, 2019 1.900,00 2.000,00 02x 1.000,00 01x 2.000,00
The BSAD offers several payment methods!
Escolha sua forma de pagar.

The association value for the year of 2019 with the adhesion to 2019 congress is of R$ 3,000.00, cash payment or R$ 3,100.00 in installment according to the associate agreement.
New associates must add to this value a compliment of R$ 200.00 as a membership rate.
This association value of 2019 gives the right to take part of the current congress at no charge, not included workshops and hands-on.
The annuity of the associate also has other benefits as describes the contract of the associate.
The values described in the table above are for NON associates.
The values are fixed and have valid until to complete the open-ended vacancies.
The installment plans change as the months go by.
After 10/01/2019 only enrollment with cash payment will be accepted.

Single Paragraph: The cancellation shall be requested in writing requirement and delivered to the BSAD coordination. The BSAD shall be bound to effect the reimbursement the value referent to the enrollment under the infra mentioned criteria to ALL kind of adherence to the event, within 30 (thirty) on workdays from the date of the application.
Up to 01/31/2019: Reimbursement of 80% of the value // Up to 04/30/2019: Reimbursement of 60% of the values
Up to 07/31/2019: Reimbursement of 40% of the value // Up to 09/30/2019: Reimbursement of 20% of the values From 10/01/2019 up to the date of the event: There will not be reimbursement.

Paragraph 1: The BSAD can rescind, immediately, the present contract, independent of notice or notification in case of noncompliance of any of clauses it contains.
Paragraph 2: In case of check returned or bank slip it will be add the necessary fees to adjust.
Paragraph 3: In omission situations it will be returned by the BSAD Management
Paragraph 4: BSAD associates have their enrollment to the congress with a discount, provided that they have the annuity fee of the year of the congress paid. Only enrolled who will take part to the event will have the right to the congress material, the referred material should be taken down by the enrolled at the time of withdraw of their credential. You may not hand on your enrollment to third party.
Paragraph 5: In case of the enrollment be impaired by lack of document or payment, the CONTRACT PARTY/ENROLLED will have 10 calendar days after the enrollment or date of payment, to update their data, in order that the same do not be disregarded.
Paragraph 6: There will not have transfer to the 2020 event.

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