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Since 1996 BSAD has maintained the banner of the national integration of professionals dedicated to aesthetic dentistry, where hierarchies or degree of knowledge do not prevail to the spirit of sharing technical and even personal experiences.
That is why we consider ourselves to be more than associates, but members of a large family, where each one has his freedom of expression and his share of opportunity of transforming the dentistry in Brazil.



How to become a member
(Click here to print the contract)

Step 01

Contact the Executive Secretariat at (21) 2239-4370 or by email, and check if there are available positions.

Step 02

Request the “intention to join” enrollment form. It can be sent via fax or mail.
Please, click HERE to print it and then on the printer.

Step 03

Fill out the form carefully and send it to the Secretariat by fax or mail.
This form cannot be sent by e-mail, it must contain signatures.

Step 04

Within two weeks, you will be contacted by email or mail, informing the opinion of the candidate´s evaluation committee.

Step 05

If approved, the following steps will be listed in a document sent together with the correspondence of the committee.

Know the main characteristics and rules that guide the affiliates to BSAD.


Founder Members
Those associates who participated of the foundation of BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF AESTHETICS DENTISTRY, and who keeps themselves linked to the same.

Associate Members
Those who came to join the Association with proposal of any category, accompanied by an analysis of the curriculum vitae, approved by the votes of the majority of the Executive Board.

Accredited Members
It will be considered accredited members those associate who had fulfilled the accreditation criteria to be determined by the Executive Board and Advisors.

Charitable Members
Are those who have rendered relevant services to the association BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF AESTHETICS DENTISTRY and who are members or not of the association.

Honorary Members
Are professional personalities, national and international, members of the association BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF AESTHETICS DENTISTRY with outstanding performance in Aesthetic Dentistry area.


SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL “The International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry – Quintessence”, you will receive at your dental practice 04 issues per year. The journals will be sending quarterly from the date of the association. In the case of the associate enters after some edition has already been sent, he will only receive the exemplar if we have it in stock.

DISCOUNTS are given in courses/congresses, through reached benefits by BSAD due to their international projection, as well as their partnerships.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE – differentiated value. It is not included the workshops and hands-on. Do not taking part at the meeting the associate member will not have the right to receive the material of the event, it is not allowed to the associate member to repost to third parties your enrollment.

CERTIFICATE of personalized Associate Member will be given to you.

NEWS LETTER ONLINE with information and divulgation of the BSAD.

PERSONAL MARKETING, with its disclosure by IP – Professional Index of the BSAD website.

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE, with Daisy Tour. Booking services with differential prices.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER OF IFED – International Federation Esthetic Dentistry (the only associate Brazilian institution).

SMILE GALLERY, Annual Conference, It is only for associates up to 90 days prior to the event in question, with exclusive cases.

PRIZE DOWN BRAND NEW CAR ,during the annual conference. If there is this item for draw, as it is not a requirement, all categories of BSAD members shall be entitled to participate who since are compliant to the moment of the completion. Accredited members and employees may not participate. Obligatorily the drawn must be present at the time of the raffle held; being a condition, without his presence he will not have the rights to the prize offered. In the event that the drawn party is not present at the time of the raffle, it will be repeated up to one is present.

LEGAL ADVICE by Dantas, Fonseca & Nigre
– Matters related to professional dental practice, both from ethical and legal point of view via email with response within 72 hours.
– Provide the elaboration of one (template) service agreement cd/patient, and a free written informed consent form (template) which will be made available by BSAD to all associate members through the website.
– Advice regarding to the contracting of Civil Liability Insurance.
– Advice for promotional material adequacy (websites, journals and social medias), with established standards at Dentistry Code of Ethics and current Legislation, by email, with response of 72 hours.
– Papers elaborated every two months (total 6 per year) with relevant subjects of legal risk management in the dentistry area and security with the patient, available to associate member on BSAD website.

iDENT PARTNERSHIP, it will be relinquished 50% (fifty percent) at the signing of the iDentAcademy for the BSAD members, in the first 03(three) months of the subscription of the platform.


Divulgando sua adesão

As associate member, it is granted the right of use and propagation of BSAD name, according to the following rules:

(A) In business cards it is allowed the use of the name, as long as not prevail visually in relation to the holder identifications.
(B) In stationery (letterhead and stamped envelopes) the rule applied is just the same that one used for business cards.
(C) In several advertisements and propagandas, the previous rule still prevails. Furthermore, the use of partial or full content of advertising items made and used by BSAD itself is not permitted.
(D) In the case of own scientific material publishing, and if there is interest in disclosure the name of the BSAD enclosed, before the publishing it must be sent copy of the material to the executive secretariat to approval and formal response in writing .

Mantendo-se como membro

(A) Deixar de solver seus compromissos financeiros para com a SBOE, sem justificativas convicente e comprovada; tendo como prazo limite 03 (três) meses a contar de notificado formalmente.
(B) Ter atuação pública e/ou notória contrária aos interesses da SBOE.
(C) Não respeitar os ditames do estatuto da SBOE ou qualquer norma ou regulamento baixada por esta associação.
(D) Aquele que cometer crime, enquanto sendo julgado estará suspenso do quadro de membros e, se sentenciado e condenado terá sua exclusão definitiva.
(E) Aquele que por qualquer motivo venha causar prejuízo ou descredito à diretoria ou diretamente à SBOE. 


O não cumprimento das regras apresentadas poderão acarretar no desligamento do quadro de associados, podendo gerar sanções amparadas pela legislação brasileira.

 OBS: Todas as normas encontram-se no estatuto.

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